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Product Name: Silicone O-RING

Release Date: 2011-03-10

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Description: Silicone O-RING

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Silicone (VMQ) possess excellent resistance to temperature extremes. Silicone's retention of properties at high temperatures is superior to other elastic materials. Silicone has poor tensile strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance.


Temperature Range
Up to 200°C (Intermittant)
Down to -60°C


Chemical resistance
Dry heat
High - aniline point oils
Chlorinated DI - phenyls
Food processing applications
Excellent ozone resistance.
Water (Low temperature only)


Not compatible with:
Most Petroleum fluids
Ketones (MEK, Acetone)


• Full standard O-Ring series: AS 568, BS 4518, GB/T 3452.1, JIS B2401 P, JIS B2401 G, JIS B2401 S, JIS B2401 V, SMS 1586 , METRIC and JASO F404.


• Non-standard customize size:

Smallest 0.5 mm ID × 0.5 mm C/S.
Largest 10000 mm ID × 50mm C/S.  


Special Silicone Compounds

FDA Silicone (VMQ)

Flame-retardant Silicone


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