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Product Name: Silicone Sponge Cord

Release Date: 2011-03-10

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Description: Silicone Sponge Cord

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Quick Overview

Extreme temperatures -40°C to +200°C. Good electrical resistance and insulation properties.



Ideal for 'clean room' applications requiring exposure to extreme temperatures (-60°C to +200°C). Our silicone cords also have excellent ozone/radiation resistance, UV resistance and arc/corona resistance. These properties are maintained well at high and low temperatures. Silicone Cord is not suitable for contact with oils, solvents, dilute alkalis or concentrated acids.


Additional Information

Colour Black / White / Red
Material Silicone (VMQ) 
Cross Section Type Circular / Square / Customize Type
Hardness (Shore A) 30~45
Maximum Temperature (°C) 200
Minimum Temperature (°C) -60
Elongation at break (%) 490
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.


• Standard cord size.


• Non-standard customize size. 


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